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Attac90 In-Person Workshop

What does it mean to sell? Through our Attac90 programme, we will help systemise this process for you, guide you in identifying the clients you need, how to get in front of them, and how to turn those conversations into profit for your business. Our in-person programme includes 90 days of personal one-on-one sales coaching.
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Analysis of yourself and your business

Analysis of yourself and your business
The first thing that happens with Attac90 is an analysis of your business to ensure training is tailored to your exact needs. This includes psychometric testing and a comprehensive analysis of your situation, business processes and statistics.

Learning & Development

Access to our Attain World platform where expert sales knowledge and insights are unleashed and communities are found. Over 90 days, the full foundation of sales is covered to unlock your business potential and leave you feeling reinvigorated.

Ongoing Accountability and Outcomes

Our in-person programme includes 90 days of personal one-on-one sales coaching. This programme is about you improving and making new business happen! So, we will be holding you accountable to putting your new action plans into place and creating success.
A thriving community

531 students and counting

“I gained a lot of confidence in myself and my approach to clients. My questions are more direct and I am uncovering needs in a much more structured approach. I am now spending 45 minutes where it used to be an hour and a half and I just do not seem to strike the usual objections or ‘hard to handle’ moments. I have done three ‘go ahead’ deals in the last month worth $50,000 that I attribute to the skills I learned during the programme”
Simon Tansley
Designer at Mastercraft Kitchens
"I attended the Attain sales course which was excellent. The course covered all aspects of the sales process, and was the perfect mixture of practical and academic. They know their stuff and provided the tools that allowed me to put some structure around my sales process and boost my sales. If you are in the B2B space I would highly recommend this course to you."
Scott Russell
Principal Russell Legal
"I recently completed the high performance training course. Sharn and the team have done a great job putting together a training course that is easy to understand and implement for those wanting to excel in the sales role. As a manager of a busy  use and modify as my own. As sales people we never stop learning, I've modified our new business development process and already reaping the rewards with success in recent new client presentations."
Peter Lloyd
Sales Manager at Soar Print





Creating Measurable Results

Why is it that the All Blacks can come from behind and win the game in the last few minutes?
They have the skills and commitment to get up one more time and make it happen. They never give up. They analyse the situation and put the right plan in place to get the ball across the line when it matters most. They are the All Blacks.
In sport, research shows that a team that beats an opponent once, even by only one point, is more likely to win the rematch because the first victory, however small, shows that it is a better team.
Sales is not much different. Does your team have the skills? Will they get up one more time and make it happen?
Based on this premise, Attain New Zealand developed Attac90 – a blended action learning programme designed to equip you with the confidence and knowledge to back yourself in the same way.
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Expanding your network

More sales more often for more profit

Knowing what to do and the confidence to do it

Wealth of proven, personal marketing tactics.

Ultimately, the goal is to work measurably towards more consistent sales using proven process and systemised approaches.

You will walk away with;
  • Personalised actionable plans to implement quickly and easily
  • A systemised process to find new business
  • A sales track that you can own and be comfortable in
  • The confidence to make it happen
  • Support and accountability to ensure follow through